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by | Oct 12, 2016 | Air Conditioner, All, Articles, Furnace, Zoning

We get the calls every cooling season from homeowners saying, “I have to set my thermostat downstairs so cold I have to wear a sweater, just to get it cool enough upstairs to sleep”. It’s a common problem in homes. It’s also a problem that for most homes can be fixed by installing zoned heating or air conditioning on your existing system.

Today more cars are offering the individual driver and passenger temperature controls or multi-zone climate control for each row of seats. Why not climate control your home?

Zoned Heating Systems

Homes with only one central thermostat cannot properly control the temperature throughout all rooms of the building. A thermostat located on the first floor cannot ensure comfort for a room on another floor. This is why zoned heating and air conditioning is needed in every home and every office. If you have a light switch for every room, why not a thermostat? Zoning makes perfect sense!

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Zoning gives a homeowner separate thermostats in each unique heating and cooling zone throughout a home. When a zone reaches its desired temperature, the airflow is shut off to that zone and the airflow to that zone is redirected to the zone that still needs heating or cooling. Besides keeping you comfortable, zoning saves energy dollars.

Contact the Milwaukee area HVAC experts at Quality Heating today for more information on our ZoneFirst temperature control systems.


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