Forced Air Zoning Systems

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Forced-Air Furnance and Air Conditioner

Customize your comfort and budget with forced-air zoning systems. This innovative HVAC add-on allows a home or building to be split into sections that are heated or cooled differently, depending on their specific airflow circumstances, saving energy and dollars by keeping the temperature just right in each room. Incredibly, zoning systems can reduce HVAC expenses by up to 30 percent!

Forced-air zoning systems are perfect for the modern lifestyle. They offer added comfort by featuring multiple thermostats that respond to the specific temperatures in every part of a home or building. Plus, you needn’t walk to each room to set the temperature. Your zoned system can adjust the feel of each section from one convenient location, be it a central thermostat or a wireless remote control.

Getting Started with Forced-Air Zoning

If you live in The Great Milwaukee Area, you’re in luck: installation of your zoned system is just a call away with the expert services of Quality Heating. Our helpful technicians will handle every step of the installation process. Depending on how many zones you’d like to create in your home or building, the project can be finished in as quick as one to two days! There are three components to every forced-air zoning system:
  • Thermostat: Zoning thermostats are as convenient as the regular kind, but offer the added bonus of multi-room control.

  • Zone Dampers: Installed in the ductwork, these dampers are electronically linked to the thermostat and regulate the air coming into the home or building.

  • Zone Control Panel: The control panel is the link between the thermostat and dampers. It makes the whole system run smoothly.
With a product so effective and a set up so simple, there’s no reason to wait to upgrade to forced-air zoning. Whether you’re building a new construction or retrofitting an existing HVAC system, Quality Heating is here to elevate your comfort and energy-efficiency. As your one-stop shop for forced-air zoning systems, we also provide routine maintenance and repair.

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