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Heat Pump – Ground Coiled Systems

Providing an excellent, energy-saving alternative to traditional HVAC systems, the heat pump services of Quality Heating can make a world of difference for your Milwaukee home or business. By harnessing naturally-produced temperatures from the environment, heat pump systems can produce four times as much energy as they consume. This high performance is true of all heat pumps, but especially with ground coiled, or “ground-source,” systems.

How Do Ground Coiled Heat Pumps Work?

Ground coiled heat pumps utilize shallow ground to transfer heat. Capitalizing on the natural temperature of the earth, ground coiled systems bring in heat during the cold seasons and push it out during the hot summer.

How do ground coiled heat pumps make this magic happen? In a word: water. Flowing through sealed, underground pipes, water conducts the heat or coolness of the soil. As the water travels from the aquifer to your building, it is passed through a compressor that can distribute the hot or cold properties of the fluid to your HVAC system or water supply.

Typically, the piping of the ground coil system is laid flat and buried about six inches deep in the ground. The size of the piping depends on the acreage of your property and the magnitude of your building’s heating and cooling needs. That said, if you have a larger building and a small amount of land, piping can be buried deeper and more vertically to accommodate your limited space.

Why Choose Ground Coiled Heat Pumps?

Home and business owners choose ground coiled heat pumps for a wide variety of reasons, including:

  • Long Lasting: Ground coiled systems can last up to 50 years, which is twice as long as their air-source heat pump counterparts.
  • Self Maintaining: Once your ground coiled system is installed, it requires very little maintenance and, because the system is buried underground, it is protected from damage caused by the elements.
  • Energy Efficiency: By harnessing free, renewable energy directly from the earth, ground coiled systems allow you to cut down on utility bills and help the environment at the same time.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: With quiet operation and out-of-sight equipment, your ground coiled system will keep you comfortable without you even noticing it is there.
  • Budget Friendly: Because ground coiled systems do not use heat strips, the wiring is far cheaper than in other HVAC alternatives.

Are Ground Coiled Heat Pumps Worth the Cost?

While initial purchasing and installation costs of ground coiled systems may be higher than alternatives, the long-term savings simply cannot be beat. By carefully selecting the right heat pump system and working with an expert to correctly install it, you will recover initial costs, via lower energy bills, in as quickly as just a couple of years.

Expert Heat Pump Services

If you are considering taking advantage of the many benefits a ground coiled heat pump system has to offer, Quality Heating is here to help. By taking into account the specific needs and qualities of your property, we will help you decide which products are right for your situation and budget. To schedule a free consultation with the HVAC experts of Quality Heating, contact us today by using the online contact form or by calling us at (262) 786-4450. Our emergency services are available 24-7.