Thank you, Quality Heating, for sending out two very competent servicemen to repair my furnace. Both Danny and Pat were personable and informative in explaining things and answering my questions.  

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Radon Testing & Mitigation Services.

Radon is an odorless, tasteless, invisible, and most of all, dangerous gas. Radon is a radioactive gas linked to a variety of lung cancers and is estimated to cause thousands of deaths each year. It results from the radioactive breakdown of Uranium in rocks, soil, and, water, and is released into the air you breathe. This dangerous gas is found in extremely small quantities in the open atmosphere and does not provoke significant health concerns at miniscule levels. However, radon gas is apt to build in concentration within your home—especially within basements. At elevated levels, radon causes significant health risks, so make sure you are doing radon testing in your Greater Milwaukee Area home.

Let us handle radon testing in your home

Quality Heating provides radon testing & mitigation services for Southeast Wisconsin homes. Our experienced staff will accurately determine the radon levels within your home, using precise radon testing equipment. We will inspect possible entry points for the gas, such as cracks in floors or walls, construction joints, wall cavities, and the water supply. Once detected, Quality Heating will easily mitigate your home’s elevated radon levels. Our radon mitigation services are important for new and existing homes, alike.

Quality assistance for The Greater Milwaukee Area

Eliminate the worry of radon gas by contacting Quality Heating today for radon testing. As a family-owned business serving southeast Wisconsin since 1961, Quality Heating has become synonymous with dependability and skill. Contact us today by using the online contact form or by calling us at (262) 786-4450. Our emergency services are available 24-7.