Thermostat & Heat Repair Wauwatosa, WI

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Quality Heating & Sheet Metal Heat Repair in Wauwatosa, WI

As a flat rate company, Quality Heating & Sheet Metal Heating bills by the repair and not by the hour. We believe we are among the most skilled in the heating and sheet metal repair industry when it comes to diagnosing problems. Due to our careful and accurate diagnosing of issues, we can get the repair right the first time, saving time and money for our clients. In addition, Quality Heating & Sheet Metal technicians are trained to install because we believe knowing equipment inside and out is essential for doing proper repair. Our skilled labor force can tackle difficult tasks at an inexpensive rate, which leaves our clients feeling satisfied and pleased. Read on for a brief summary of a recent satisfied customer!

Project Description 

A return client called Quality Heating & Sheet Metal Heating with a concern about their thermostat. The malfunction prevented it from maintaining the heat in the home.  We immediately placed the client as a first call for our technician to diagnose the reasons behind their lack of heat. Then, we sent our technician to our client’s home to perform a full diagnostic test.  In addition, we assured the client that loss of heat meant swift service for us.

Diagnosis and Solutions

Next, our technician cycled the unit to discover the reason for the unit faulting out. After a full diagnostic, our technician discovered that 120 volts being applied to the exhaust motor. In addition, the assembly was faulty and needed to be replaced. Our technician swiftly replaced the faulty part. We removed the old faulty part and replaced it with a new, fully-functional part. Our tech secured the assembly to the unit with a series of screws and wires. This repair service was essential to getting our client’s furnace providing regular and proper heat. Our tech tested the new unit to ensure the heat worked properly. The heat was flowing good as new. Then, the client thanked our tech for the swift service.


Our client was very thankful that Quality Heating & Sheet Metal Heating addressed their heat issue first thing in the morning. Additionally, the client was pleased with the prompt and knowledgeable service, diagnosis and repair. Quality Heating & Sheet Metal Heating are a paperless company providing email service invoice including request for reviews. We always aim to satisfy our clients regardless of the concern…contact us today!

Quality Heating & Sheet Metal recommends Annual Service to prolong the life expectancy and durability of any HV/AC equipment. Finally, we are proud to offer a discounted maintenance program called “Quality Comfort Assurance Program.” This is the type of work is all part of a technician’s normal day at Quality Heating & Sheet Metal! We are happy to diagnose any issue you may have with Heating or Sheet Metal.


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