Milwaukee Furnace Repair & Filter Replacement

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Milwaukee Furnace Repair and Filter System Maintenance

Cleaning or replacing your furnace filter is a critical furnace repair task vital for ensuring your Milwaukee furnace operates optimally. The majority of today’s furnaces utilize disposable fiber mesh filters, electronic air filters, or reusable filters. The following steps will help you clean your furnace filter based on the filter type your furnace uses.

How to Clean Your Disposable Furnace Filters

  • Disposable furnace filters should be replaced or cleaned in fall and once a month throughout continual winter use.
  • Remove the furnace filter and hold it in front of a light. Replace the filter if it looks clogged regardless of its age or length of service life.

How to Clean Your Reusable Furnace Filters

  • Reusable furnace filters can be rinsed, cleaned, and reused ongoing for numerous seasons. Reusable furnace filters clog less frequently than disposable filters, making your furnace operate more efficiently than throwaway filters, saving you the cost of increased energy bills and multiple throwaway furnace filters.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when cleaning a reusable furnace filter.

How to Clean Your Electronic Air Filters

Electronic air filtration systems have a pre-screen filter and an electronic cell. While cleaning the pre-screen and electronic cell with warm water is the preferred electronic air filtration system cleaning method, always check the manufacturer’s recommendations before taking the following steps.

  • TURN THE HVAC SYSTEM OFF when replacing or cleaning an electronic air filter.
  • The pre-screen filter, a simple mesh screen with a metal frame, should be removed first and washed often with warm water.
  • Clean the electronic cell with warm water to prevent dust particles from entering your furnace and spreading throughout your home.
  • Let the pre-screen and electronic cell completely air dry before returning to the furnace.

Once your Milwaukee furnace repair and maintenance tasks are complete, reconnect and turn on the electricity to your HVAC system. Turn the gas back on, re-lighting the pilot-light if necessary, and then replace the furnace cover.

Keeping your furnace’s blower, coils, and filter clean are the first steps in preparing your furnace for the Wisconsin winter. You and your family will breathe easier and live more comfortably after performing a quality Milwaukee furnace cleaning. If you need additional assistance with Milwaukee furnace maintenance or face a more complex furnace cleaning project, call our Milwaukee furnace repair experts from Quality Heating at 262.786.4450 or contact the Milwaukee HVAC contractors online.

For professional Milwaukee furnace repair and maintenance services, contact your Milwaukee heating contractors at Quality Heating 262.786.4450.


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