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by | Oct 12, 2016 | All, Articles, Furnace, Maintenance

With ice, snow, and frosty temperatures as the weather forecast for much of the year in Wisconsin, anytime is a good time to ensure your furnace is ready to face another Wisconsin winter with some helpful Milwaukee furnace maintenance tips. The first step in ensuring your furnace is operating efficiently and safely is a thorough furnace cleaning. Cleaning your furnace’s blower, coils, and filter will provide the warm clean air your family deserves and improve your furnace’s efficiency resulting in increased monthly energy savings.

Milwaukee Furnace Cleaning Services

Shutting off the gas and electrical power to your Milwaukee HVAC system is critical before performing any Milwaukee furnace maintenance or furnace cleaning work. Take the following steps to safely turn off the gas and electrical feed to your HVAC system.

  • TURN THE HVAC SYSTEM OFF – Cut the power by tripping the circuit breaker or removing your HVAC unit’s fuse. If you’re unsure which circuit the HVAC system is on, remove the main power fuse or trip the main breakers to shut down power to the entire facility.
  • CUT THE HVAC SYSTEM’S GAS SUPPLY – Your Milwaukee HVAC system should have a gas shutoff valve located inside the furnace. Rotate the valve a quarter turn to the OFF position. If your HVAC system does not have its own gas shutoff valve, you’ll have to cut the gas supply to the entire property by turning off the main gas shutoff valve (usually located near the gas meter). Please note, only a certified Milwaukee heating contractor or other utility professional can safely and successfully restore your property’s gas supply.

If you encounter any problems shutting off your home’s electricity or gas, contact a Milwaukee heating contractor from Quality Heating at 262.786.4450 before performing any furnace maintenance cleaning.

For professional Milwaukee furnace cleaning, contact your Milwaukee heating specialists at Quality Heating 262.786.4450.


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