Milwaukee Carbon Monoxide Prevention Tips

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Carbon Monoxide Prevention for your Milwaukee Home

With cold weather on the horizon, your home may be at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. The professionals at Quality Heating offer some carbon monoxide prevention tips to protect your Milwaukee home for the heating season. You can accomplish some of the tips yourself, while others require the professional services of a certified Milwaukee furnace technician from Quality Heating.

  • Installing a carbon monoxide detector on each bedroom and level in your home is your best defense against carbon monoxide poisoning. While 93% of U.S. homes have smoke detectors, the fact only 15% have carbon monoxide detectors means many peoples’ carbon monoxide poisoning could have been easily preventable. Carbon monoxide detectors work like smoke alarms, beeping loudly when the sensors detect carbon monoxide.
  • Test your carbon monoxide detector bi-monthly to ensure it works properly. Replace batteries if necessary.
  • NEVER burn charcoal inside your home (even in the fireplace). Gas fireplaces MUST be inspected by a Milwaukee heating professional to ensure the pilot light burns safely.
  • NEVER operate gasoline-powered engines in confined areas with poor ventilation like garages or basements. NEVER leave your car, lawn mower, or other vehicle running in an attached garage, even with the door open.
  • NEVER block or seal shut exhaust ducts or flues on appliances like water heaters, ranges and clothes dryers.
  • Familiarize yourself with the hazards of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Milwaukee Carbon Monoxide Prevention Services

  • Have your Milwaukee heating system, chimney and flue inspected and cleaned by a qualified Milwaukee heating contractor from Quality Heating annually.
  • Have a qualified Milwaukee heating professional inspect your Milwaukee heating system and other gas appliances like ovens, ranges and cooktops for adequate ventilation.
  • Quality Heating Company, Inc. offer superb Milwaukee indoor air quality testing services Waukesha radon testing and mitigation services designed to identify potential hazards.

Installing carbon monoxide detectors is the first step you can take to safeguard your family from carbon monoxide poisoning. Prepare for winter early this year by contacting Quality Heating today for more carbon monoxide prevention services.

For professional Milwaukee heating system inspection, contact your Milwaukee heating contractors at Quality Heating 262.786.4450.


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