Energy Efficient Furnace Installation Services

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Energy Efficient Furnace Installation

A new, energy efficient furnace is a wise investment for the long, cold Wisconsin winter. An older model furnace is considerably less efficient than today’s high efficiency furnaces. Installing a new energy efficient furnace offers many fiscal incentives and other advantages for homeowners. Our Milwaukee furnace maintenance experts offer a few advantages to a new energy efficient furnace installation from Quality Heating.

Furnace Installation Milwaukee: Financial Advantages for Energy Efficiency

The annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating of your Milwaukee furnace reflects how high or low your energy bill will be. Older furnaces have AFUE ratings as low as 65% when compared to today’s high efficiency furnaces which are usually rated around 95 and 97 percent. A 20% increase in your furnace’s AFUE saves you a few hundred dollars in heating bills annually. Extra savings on your energy bill are possible when you take a few simple steps toward making your home more energy efficient. Installing insulated, energy efficient windows and sealing areas which allow air to escape helps keep the heat in and your energy bills down. Taking these steps and installing a new furnace will maximize your home’s energy efficiency and minimize your monthly heating bill.

Milwaukee High Efficiency Furnace Installations from Quality Heating

York gas furnaces that meet or exceed U.S. Environmental Protection Agency energy efficiency standards of 90% AFUE quality as an ENERGY STAR product. That means when you compared standard models with Energy Star products, you’ll find they provide a higher level of efficiency, cutting fuel consumption and cost.

Choosing the right contractor is the first step in choosing the best system for your home. Quality Heating is trained to give you professional home comfort services, including:

  • An evaluation of factors such as your home’s size, age number of rooms, climate characteristics and utility costs.
  • A system recommendation that fits your family’s comfort needs, your home, your lifestyle and your budget.
  • The assurance of proper installation and customer care, including warranties and maintenance options.

Contact the top Milwaukee heating and cooling professionals at Quality Heating to learn more about how an energy efficient furnace installation saves you money today for years to come. 262.786.4450


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