After Every Storm Comes A Rainbow

by | Apr 9, 2020 | All, Articles

Throughout these days of uncertainty, we all have had many different decisions to make. Our lives have forever been changed by this pandemic that surrounds us. My question to everyone is this: through all this chaos, has your attitude been “sink or swim” or “rise to the occasion”? I say dig deep and work harder to overcome the challenges.

The many obstacles that I have had to confront while working in an essential service industry have made life very interesting. They are nothing compared to those that have had firsthand experience with COVID-19 but are all unique experiences that our company has never had to deal with before. A couple of the changes that have been implemented are the virtual meetings we conduct to safely provide a premium level of service and the rollout of products that can help enhance indoor air quality during a pandemic (ultra-violet lights and special filtration systems/equipment). The biggest challenge during this trying time is to keep our employees working while managing the day to day events and keeping the health and wellbeing of our customers/employees as our top priority. I always feel a bit awkward when wearing the personal protective equipment (masks, gloves, booties while disinfecting before and after each call) to go into people’s homes, but it has become normal to me at this point. It is amazing what can become normal to a person.

I have tried to rise to the occasion instead of letting this negatively affect my work ethic or mood. I have accomplished all of my “honey to-do list” at home, spent more time with my family than I have ever been able to in the past, and thought of new and creative ideas to which I can apply towards the work campaign, and so much more. I would challenge those currently feeling a little frustrated about what is going on to push forward and make the best of the situation.

When this all started, I was a bit disappointed with how people were acting: the hoarding of toiletries, price gouging, etc. As events play out, there are so many people that have come together while still 6 feet apart.

Get creative, put a smile on someone’s face each day, call a friend to connect, have a game night over Zoom, or whatever puts a smile on your face.

After every storm comes a rainbow!


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