Milwaukee Air Conditioning Tips and Tricks

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Air Conditioning Tips & Tricks

Milwaukee HVAC System Do-it-Yourself Maintenance

The following air conditioning tips from Quality Heating are important methods for maintaining a healthy and operational Milwaukee air conditioning system year round. Be sure to check out our Milwaukee cooling services page for more important information relating to air conditioning upkeep, repair and maintenance.

  • Change the air filters on your Milwaukee air conditioning system. They should be located near the return air duct adjacent to the air handler or in a return air grill(s). Check your air filter every 30 to 90 days to make sure it is clean and replace it if it looks dirty and dusty.
  • Keep the fan setting to “fan on”, not “auto”. This will run the indoor fan nonstop. The outside A/C unit will still run, but only with a signal for cooling from the thermostat. This will save you money because the outdoor condenser will not come on as much.
  • Make sure that you wash the outside condenser coil at least once a year. If it’s dirty, your Waukesha air conditioning system will run hot and raise your energy bill.
  • Never turn your air conditioning off and then back on in less than five minutes. Doing so will short-cycle the compressor which can trip breakers, blow fuses, or cause permanent damage to the compressor.
  • Keep grass, yard clippings and weeds from blocking air flow on your outside Waukesha air conditioning unit. This makes your unit work harder than it should which will increase your energy costs.

Milwaukee Air Conditioning Repair Services from the 24 hour HVAC Specialists

Call the trained and professional cooling specialists at Quality Heating if you experience issues with your Milwaukee cooling system beyond the scope of these tips. We can repair any issues, perform Milwaukee HVAC vent cleaning services, and provide annual maintenance checkups, ensuring your Waukesha air conditioning system lasts a lifetime.

For professional Milwaukee heating system inspection, contact your Milwaukee cooling contractors at Quality Heating 262.786.4450.


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