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Repair or Replace My AC?

We’ve already had some stretches of hot weather this year, and the summer has not even begun. If your air conditioner isn’t working, you’ve probably already discovered that the hard way. Maybe you’ve noticed that it isn’t cooling as efficiently as it has in the past,...

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After Every Storm Comes A Rainbow

Throughout these days of uncertainty, we all have had many different decisions to make. Our lives have forever been changed by this pandemic that surrounds us. My question to everyone is this: through all this chaos, has your attitude been “sink or swim” or “rise to...

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Window Condensation

Window Condensation

In fall and winter, moisture may be seen accumulating on windows. In many cases, the reason is due to excessive indoor humidity levels. Window condensation may also be a visual indication of other indoor air quality issues, with odors and VOCs (volatile organic...

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