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Thank you, Quality Heating, for sending out two very competent servicemen to repair my furnace. Both Danny and Pat were personable and informative in explaining things and answering my questions.  

Lee Borowski

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Meet Milwaukee Heating & Cooling Experts

The Smith family has been serving the heating and cooling needs of Greater Milwaukee Area homeowners since 1961. Our heating and cooling experts pay close attention to the day-to-day details involved in maintaining a standard of excellence unequaled in the area, handling only the finest, top-quality brands.

Your Milwaukee HVAC Experts provide the following Heating and Cooling services:


HVAC Maintenance in The Greater Milwaukee Area

  • Annual Heating and Cooling Inspections – Annual inspections and preventative maintenance of your heating and cooling system lowers energy costs while extending the life of your HVAC system.
  • System Balancing – Let the heating and cooling experts Quality Heating Company INC balance the airflow in your HVAC system for even heating and cooling throughout your home.
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing – The professional HVAC technicians at Quality Heating Company INC expertly test the air in your home, eliminating potential harmful substances like mold, formaldehyde, and VOC’s.

HVAC Repairs in The Greater Milwaukee Area

  • Furnace Repairs – The furnace repair professionals at Quality Heating Company INC. are experts in repairing all brands of furnaces and will work with our customers to solve their heating repair issues.
  • Air Conditioner Repairs – Quality Heating Company INC will have your air conditioning system repaired and performing at factory specifications in no time.

Additional Heating and Cooling Services in Wisconsin

  • Boiler Service, Repairs and Installation – The boiler repair and installation professionals at Quality Heating Company INC are experts at boiler system repairs and installations.
  • Ductless Mini-Splits – Quality Heating Company INC will install an energy efficient ductless mini-split heating and cooling system in your home. Ductless mini-split systems provide excellent climate control with low monthly energy costs.
  • Geothermal Heat Pumps – Harnessing the energy of the Earth itself provides an abundant supply of efficient heating and cooling for your home. The geothermal installation experts at Quality Heating Company INC will provide your home with a high quality geothermal system.
  • Heat Pump Installation and Repairs – Heat pump systems provide efficient heating and cooling for your home. The heat pump installation experts at Quality Heating Company INC are knowledgeable in repairing and installing an efficient heat pump system in your home.
  • Light Commercial Heating and Cooling Repairs – Let the commercial heating and cooling experts at Quality Heating Company INC repair or install your commercial HVAC system.
  • Radon Testing & Mitigation – Regularly testing your home for Radon and other dangerous elements is an important aspect of ensuring the safety of both you and your family.
  • Air Quality Control – Quality Heating provides repairs and installations for humidifiers, dehumidifiers, UV filtration systems, air to air exchangers, HEPA and specialized filtration options.
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication– Quality Heating fabricates custom sheet metal. Our fabrication lab can produce something as simple as any size ductwork to a specialty custom copper roof.